Fragment:  "Existencia I y II" Macocel Acrylic 50 x 21 cm Fragment:  "Conciencia" Enamel on metal panel 122 x 255 cm Fragment:  "Destiempo II" Watercolor 73 x 53 cm Fragment:  "Dame tiempo" Watercolor 60 x 50 cm
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Luz María Solloa
"Abismo luminoso"
Canvas acrylic
80 x 60 cm
Canvas acrylic
90 x 70 cm
"Enlaces con el tiempo"
74 x 54 cm
73 x 53 cm
"Los gigantes"
Canvas acrylic
100 x 80 cm
Gerardo Pérez Fontanes - Akros Gallery - September 23, 2010.
Tempus fugit

This artist, declared racial history of our country, born and resident in Mexico and sisters in nature with other arts, like music, has chosen this time to make a tour of Europe, showing his work in a sequence selected exhibitions.

Emotionally linked with the Association of Basque watercolors in Bilbao, and traditionally familiar with our cities, unpacking in our Art Gallery calculated his good works luggage made of acrylic, watercolor and oil on various traditional media and with an enigmatic theme who called: time and silence. For its extensive curriculum of training, we appreciate the long journey from their experiences, allowing us to address the contemplation of his work from a perspective based on its extensive development as an artist.

Mythology has always been a rich source of ideas. The Zodiac gives us the enigmatic symbolist iconography of differentiated planetary signs and the placing of the very existence of humanity to which we belong, in all cultures, tend to frame the imaginative life, attributing their contingency plans arcane astral and subjecting their decisions randomly assigned to fabled divinities conditions rendering it universal as time, the sound, silence, the light ... and the consequent of each distinct color perception.

I guess some intense concerns reside permanently in the mind of Mary Luz Solloa when you are urged to take the brush and into the performance, almost mystical, allegorical characters integrated into the esotericism of signs on the suggestions of conflict and mood dreamlike allusions which appear to reflect the uncertainties, doubts and existential condition of humans.

I did not ask the ordered sequence of the production of his work. As a mere spectator, I preferred to try to discover the key pondered what it might mean each of these images, together or separately. There are elements that might dare to define in general terms, references to forced linkage of our personalities, the unknown variable of the relational between masculine and feminine appeals to the lack of individual freedom taped repressed by metal bands of simulated silk, or declared as insurmountable chains bondage of the will of thought.

Covering and wrapping it all, there is a sphere and a universal element of the known worlds, gathering within her, demonstrated figuration, the appearance of vital energies, both the intangible as that of a physical and visible material, using for representation perspective transformed into flat circular toothed gears that are assembled, conjugating positively with each other, to describe in allegorical form the movement that results from the active application of energy, and giving meaning to the concept of time, telling their silent and endless passage to step rhythm of an indefatigable traveler, while on the size of the recognizable symbols of the times, gives a particular clock functionality to our existence.

In the purely artistic, a work of pregnancy is difficult because, when you run, you must dispense with any gestural impulse with infinite care to define the basis of how deeply sensed. This is articulating images, linking them in relational alleged actions. The faces are watching and waiting, contemplate, and observe, and the bodies are intertwined, lost in pictorial space, some of intense color, and other unknown and dim light. A personal work, out of the ordinary, that without compromising on aesthetic appeal, to meditate, and much, which creates the pictorial narrative content of his thought.
Berta Taracena - Historian and art critic - June 2008
Unity of Form and Fund in the art of Luz Maria Solloa

The vigorous and passionate sense of reality that identifies the painting of Mary Luz Solloa is widely expressed in his recent work. In the set of his new works, Solloa spoke loud and civilly concrete and imaginative way of providing valuable categories of form and content of its plastic language.

Its dynamically expressive interpretation of reality obtained through a drawing based on large linear strokes enriched by unexpected angularity of a great movement and action, is adorned with a warm coloring of strong resonances that take hold of the subject developing it with acuity as with lyricism and fantasy.

In the exuberance and their expressions is the involvement of men in continual struggle with the world of experience but never to get away but to understand the background to the complex reality surrounding modify it and try to change.

In this sense surely comes the vital power emanating works as DIRT AND SOCIETY (2008) altarpiece true dimensions of which boasts wall of eloquence lirica de Luz Maria Solloa with all its flowers and all its fury. Equally vital impact are other recent works like HDDs LIAISON, reflect, METAL INVASION, Abyss LIGHT, FIGHT WITH THE WEATHER, and some more affluent in planes prospective moved by a thirst for knowledge vital that the painter known to share with the audience.

In other works are such a problem develops into a rich and robust phrasing shorthand that integrates this way of painting so that his Luz Maria Solloa know instantly communicate to those of his art.

Paintings and as SPACES sets, stocks, WOMEN WORK FORCE, raising more and more shows and transmit a new focus for the destiny of man and society with values that enriches the art of our time.
Martha Orozco - 2007
Deep Light is the painting of Mary, not to be in a hurry but as a source of meditation. What more reason to think that the time was allotted for us to act?

Cold and warm colors such as the ancient land in their oxides and ocher, contrasting with thin blue and gray, ethereal and subtle.

Luz Maria funds that creates, whether on paper or white papers amate, they echo the tonal values of their subjects.

His watercolors tell us about unsolved mysteries, the design of the man walking in and the measure of time to perform our role in this great stage called "The Life."

Human figures who wonder about their existence in time or in their destiempo. Signs of the zodiac that surrounds this subject and will be questioned about their freedom.

Luz Maria, and knowledgeable lover of music, evokes the great composers surrounded by notes and instruments and their pictorial compositions are also divided into chords and silences.

The cloths are repeated in his works, with undulating rhythms that lead to subject to unexpected surprises in the time.
Beatriz Gaminde - Director of the National Museum of Watercolor - July 2007
Water, air, earth, fire, are elements that make up life, like making up the interesting work of Luz Maria Solloa, who through each of his creations, leads us to reflect on the couple, the confrontation of self and its relationship to the cosmos.

The National Museum of Watercolor "Alfredo Guati Red," is honored to present the sample of the Master Solloa who has received various awards and a wide path, has done exhibitions in Mexico and abroad.

"Time and Destiempos" is the title of this exhibition. Eventually, an enigma to humans, we live in a society where they are making the most of the time you can control, yet we carry him, which transforms us day after day, refuses ...

Thus, the artist with a voice that moves from the shape and colors said: "Give me more time to do my time: time to work, time to learn, time to admire ... and time to stop the time".
Albretch Weckmann - Leiter der Kunstchule Filderstadt - April 2006
His imaginative conception of the human figure, it evokes the beginning of the Renaissance, when Leonardo, anthropological knowledgeable of science and master of the art techniques teaches us new ways to represent it.

Time is that the visual interpretation is developed through the fields of research and analysis body, considering them to manage the size of the proportion of materials and movement.
With the image of this exciting era, which created the foundation that persist to the present, we can describe some of the merits of the artist.

Hence the desire to find the practice of naturalistic representation.
This is creating, respecting the rules of perspective, viewing the figure that appears to live up to their eyes and the view down, with bridges or taking into account the reduction of body parts, a figure significantly modulated, that the artist with color and gray hues done.

Beyond are in the works of Luz Maria major themes of Being human, like the Cirules of life and death, of harmony, of the encounter, as the isolation of existence.

And sometimes their constellations are figurative, as quoted or better as the story of the continuation of the dramatic view of the Universal frescoes of the Sistine Chapel.

But, seriously incomplete and unfair to limit the impulses of his work only to the Renaissance.
It seems to me pleasantly as an artist with a great preparation and open personality; obviously lives with open eyes in the show, in the here and now, and at the same time actively rooted in our cultural past.

Let me clarify my records of these cultural references.
The artist put up the realistic or naturalistic human figure, a prismatic break. This site is experiencing a completely new results in their own total effect.

This method taken from cubism, the guide to a peculiar kind, which is among the special illusion known as "Guckkasten" (illusion of space) and the court highlighted Cubist, the plastic body.

In addition alienates the artist the possibility of an excess of realism through the reduction of color.
Rosario Giovannini - 2005
"One Shining Prism in Motion"

To make an aesthetic view on the work of Luz Maria Solloa, we must bring the work of the painter to a logical and objective analysis, both by the resolution, as the result in the paintings, the organization of the visual elements that make up.

As for the items, the reference field is usually the human body that integrates and disintegrates as a prism of light moving within a framework as a prism of light moving within a framework with the traditional perspective, the representation of external reality , Using the speech as a thread, this gives you an advantage, getting a personalism style.

The movement that the projected figures, we have to think about the speed and the geometry that multiplies the organization of the visual elements that make up the structure and form of his compositions that are planned in a solid and sustained.

The color also gives a sense homogeneous by the extensive process that gives expression to their shades, pure colors, complementary opposites, contrasting spots that accentuate forms, all with the same weight in an echo that is aligned to their wishes.

Characters who walk through life, men and women who do not express any sentiment, are present only in a plastic gym, harmonious and balanced at a rate regulated by intervals of light and shadow.

We know that every work aesthetic is a product of the fiction of an idea that the artist works and develops Luz Maria poses in some way, the interpretation of the emotional elements and energizing.
Juan Jose Beltrán - 2004

Luz Maria Solloa master trainer of artists ...

Luz Maria Solloa artist creator of images, fantasies and dreams brought to reality, with the skill that has developed along a learning experience for years, the use of techniques in plastic in his career as an artist of the image.
With the use of various materials to realize the recreation of his characters, "Acrobats - Dancers - Lovers", which are separated and without leaving too much on their particular universe of ribbons and tapes, which unites them in a world of geometric squares and circuits that are never closed, to give them the freedom to exist in the consciousness of ocher colors, orange and blue of the imagination of Luz Maria.
Angel Mauro - October 2001
The paintings of Luz Maria Solloa encourages us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the human body and its many manifestations. His body treatment is of great plasticity, leading to attract the attention of the viewer.

Use the circle, a symbol of cosmic consciousness, which has no beginning and no end to its integrated and that fosters artistic endeavor, plastically, a purely aesthetic enjoyment.

His successful track record and allows you to speak more fluently, with more knowledge of the subject matter and with a deeper vision of the world around him.

Let Luz Maria with their successes, raiding, searching, and propose new courses, built positively in the world of our plastic.
Alfredo Guati Rojo - March 1997
These are the times of water colors times rescued from oblivion an ancient form of painting. Endless adventure of translating the beauty in the white paper, everything light, to bring color to be trasmuta Rediviva in poetry. Luz Maria infected in that quest, he has asked me pergueñar a few lines to accompany this exhibition of his amorous pursuit of a language itself, where the master of the craft and creativity of his watercolors allows you to convey to the viewer that is all eyes, hungry the pleasures of the picture and what is suggested or expressed in them.

A recurring idea in his latest works, we discovered today econvertidas in windows: confined spaces thoughts or emotions; subjective sequences that do not end, human experiences that are full of fantasy spaces.

Accompany here with the written word, the adventure of an artist in this new meeting, which is not the first in his life to appear before the art critic and the public welcomed me, that the watercolors of today live and share this aesthetic phenomenon that occurs in our country, which enriches our paint, and even leaves a mark: a creative presence.

It has not been easy for Maria Luz the way in the jungle citizen, nor the battle to gain experience to manage water and color, which renews struggle every day to achieve a personality or style. We are there to applaud their effort and I am sure that also will be gratified by all those who come here.
Laura Elenes - May 1994
"Paradise regained"

Color smooth, luminous skin, wise words of muscles, men and women stripped of their civilization contaminant found space in the real unreality of the painter Maria Luz Solloa.

At the edge of the water, fully transparent fish air are mixed with sea foam and dressed in tatters nudity, free of eroticism of the players to the tables of Solloa.

Oil, pastel and watercolor are the means used by the soft palette and painter whose luminous somehow is associated with the great Spanish Sorolla, properly applied and that enhances the mastery of figure naked.

Naked female and male, sometimes lonely or linked by their hands, have the strange virtue of crossing the horizon of reality without ever reaching the magic realism and surrealism, remain calm, quiet in an area where unreal sometimes, just sometimes , We see the doors of that other world that we could lead to the fantasy.

Artist smooth, quiet and extremely solid revealed in his works, as clear as its transparent intersections of planes and the firmness of the bodies protagonists of their works.
Water is omnipresent in his paintings, is the man who appears as a spice in it, or the creatures that live in rivers, lakes and seas, and fish, corals, snails, aquatic flora and fauna appear in the networks tend fishermen , On the shores of the ocean, or in Lake Xanitzio. They go to the depths of the ocean or translucent floating in the middle of the landscape.
It is refreshing to see at present the work of artists who know their craft and especially that surpass the challenge of the human figure and Solace in re-create it, not as an excuse but as a whole, away from violence, apart from rape, far from the city, the pollution of atmospheric physics and morality, the work of Luz Maria Solloa leads us to Paradise regained.
Manuel Arrieta - April 1993
On the topic of the plastic variety of nature, one of the form that needs much study, a lot of observation and analysis of plastics is quite the human body, with all that difficulty to achieve their elasticity, their movements, their varied poses and comes to add to this the great problem of game that makes the light in each stroke, each Escors every muscle in their infinite nuances.

Luz Maria Solloa has in its hands and in their eyes, that compass that has the fine artist to provide parts of the body structures of the model and move it to the table for incorporation into the visual space in each table shows the intention to acknowledge the beauty of how their proportions, on the strength of the muscle in the anatomy of the male figure, such that each light back into his trademark wide area and its female figures, projects its delicacy of women, their tenderness, the fineness of the line the skin and the sweetness in his face, his tone of the depth of his observation, his remoteness his paintings are subtle, barely marked by creating deep distances they do highlight the beauty of his early drawings.

Its themes of fishermen under the clear sky of a quiet their networks where it tries to catch life, all painted in his own style and with his artistic mark in his desire to communicate, to express feelings or express their concerns with their ability creative and define through the vehicle of the paint, the duties of realism and goals of the deep expression.

Coupled with its pictorial quality, uses the technique of watercolor painting to water challenge that few artists can undertake, and it has served to engage with enthusiasm, dedication and love their continuing search for a phrase very own.
Helmut Kolter - Alemania - January 1989
As a center of their work is at its most human beings, as well as landscapes, which demonstrates the influence that took their colorful lights of their Fatherland.

Light and playing Atmósfera exceed that of our European Impressionist paintings.

The palette enriched through shades of color that our eyes are bold, are nevertheless fascinating.

Luz Maria conscious reduces the number of colors, but with so many nuances which makes these representations of living persons, which are very expressive beings, aware of his situation in life and his destiny, and this knowledge of Excel Tables and possession of the spectators ....